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j-art company

Our company transmits the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy from Kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture to the rest of the world.
The unique formative art of kanji and hiragana has earned the love of people around the world. It has gone beyond the boundaries of calligraphy and is being creatively incorporated into various art forms from clothing, to sundries and tattoos.
We hope to deliver original and wonderful works of art created by Japanese calligraphy masters to all the lovers of Japanese calligraphy art around the world.

Operating Company
Shintsu Co. Ltd.
Operations Manager
Kensuke Koga
1-2-4 Nagahama Mitsuwa Bldg. 1F
Telephone No.
Email Address
Method of Inquiry
All custom-made Japanese calligraphy artwork
Sales Method
Image data (PDF) attached to email or available through data file download
Ticketed prices
Payment Method
Online credit payment (PayPal)
Payment Period and Method
At the time of order through our website.
Product Delivery
7-10 days after official order is placed (*may vary depending on volume and status of order)
Returns and Refunds
Please contact us by email within 8 days of receiving the product
Additional costs besides product price and shipping

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